Gang Tool Type Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Discover a new era of heavy-duty turning with OWNNER's flat bed CNC lathe, a game-changer designed to meet the dynamic needs of your industry. Widely acclaimed for machining complex geometries, short shafts, discs, and various workpieces, this powerhouse is reshaping industries and displacing traditional machines. Gang tooling CNC lathe can machine a variety of internal and external threads in metric or imperial units. When the rotary head is mounted on the flat bed CNC lathe, it can mill or drill the circumference and end face of the workpiece. OWNNER's gang type CNC lathe goes the extra mile, offering capabilities to drill, ream, expand, and roll a true multifunctional marvel.

In addition, OWNNER's flat bed CNC lathe has excellent chip removal performance. Because the chips generated during CNC turning or milling flow gracefully toward the chip bed via gravity and coolant flow, your machining environment remains clean and reduced wear on guide rails and other moving parts results in more efficient operations.

In conclusion, for industries seeking unmatched precision, versatility, and a reliable partner in heavy-duty turning, OWNNER's CNC flat bed lathe is your ultimate choice. Elevate your machining experience. If you have any interested, welcome to contact OWNNER now.


  1. Gang-type tooling system permits quick tool change
  2. Optional hydraulic turret or servo turret
  3. Applications:(1) precision parts (2) mechanical parts (3) hardware parts (4) hand tools (5) medical parts (6) clock & watch parts (7) optical parts (8) auto parts (9) bathroom parts (10) bike accessory