A new standard in parts machining!


  • Precision parts
  • Precision nuts
  • Watch parts
  • Hand tools
  • 45˚ slant bed construction not only provides solld support for turret, but also provides convenience in chip removing.
  • Ø42 mm bar capacity
  • 4500 rpm, standard spindle speed
  • 30m/min. rapid traverse on X, Z-axis
  • Combines turret and gang-type tool rest in one machine
  • The bed is manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, and stress relieved to eliminate any deformation. Superior material stability and dampening capability ensure lifetime accuracy of the machine
  • Precision linear way on X, Z-axis
  • Foot switch controls chuck clamping/unclamping
  • Automatic lubricator provides lubrication to X, Z-axes.
  • Choice of Fanuc, Mitsubishi or Syntec CNC controller
  • High performance hydraulic system features low thermal growth.

Gang-type Tool Rest

  • The gang-type tool rest allows for the mounting of 6 tools.
  • It accommodates a 20x20 mm tool shank andØ25 mm boring tool holder.

6" Hydraulic Chuck

  • 6"Taiwanese-made hydraulic chuck comes as optional equipment.
  • Japanese-made hydraulic chuck is optional.
  • The hydraulic chuck is controlled by a foot switch.

a. Power Turret

  • 12 tools
  • Rapid tool indexing with smooth motion

b. Servo Turret

  • Choice of 8 or 10 tools
  • Rapid tool indexing, accurate positioning

8 / 10 / 12 Position Hydraulic Turret

  • The hydraulic turret accommodates a 20x20 mm tool shank and Ø25 mm boring tool holder.
  • Fast tool changes can be accomplished in 0.8 seconds.
Swing over bed Ø330
Swing over saddle Gang-type Ø136 Turret Ø135
Standard cutting dia. . X length Gang-type Ø135x200 Turret Ø128x200
Bed slant angle 45˚
Max. travel X-axis Gang-type 230 Turret 150
Max. travel Z-axis Gang-type 230 Turret 150
Servo motor X-axis 1.4 kw / Z-axis 1.4 kw
Rapid traverse rate X-axis 30m/min / Z-axis 30m/min
Front bearing hole of spindle Ø90
Through-through spindle Ø56 / Ø45
Spindle nose typ  A2-5
Spindle taper  MT-6 (1/20)
Spindle motor  5.5 / 7.5kw
Spindle speed 45-4500 rpm (Std.) / 60-6000 rpm (Opt.)
Chuck size Ø42
Type Gang-type tool rest Turret
 Number of tools 6 tools 8-12 tools
 Square tool shank sizes  20x20 mm 20x20 mm
Boring tool holder  Ø25  Ø25
Radial tool holder 20x20 mm
Axial tool holde 20x20 mm
Double tool holder 20x20 mm
Turret motor 1/4 HP
Coolant pump motor 1/4 HP
Hydraulic motor 1 HP
Chip conveyor motor 1/4 HP
CNC controller
Fanuc Mitsubishi Syntec
Distance from floor to spindle center 900
Distance from bed to spindle center 255
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 2120x1340x1550
Net weight 2000 kg
Gross weight 2350 kg
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Standard Accessories

  • Spindle speed: 4500 rpm
  • Spindle motor: 5.5 / 7.5 kw
  • Gang type tool resst (20x20 mm)
  • Leveling bolits and blocks
  • Grease Iubrication system
  • Control (Mitsubishi M70P)
  • Service tools x 1 Set
  • Work lamp
  • Pilot lamp
  • Collst chuck
  • I.D. tool holder (20x20 mm)
  • Parts catcher

Optional Accessories

  • 6" hydraulic chuck
  • Spindle speed: 6000 rpm
  • Hydraulic turret (8-12 positions)
  • Chip conveyor (with cart)
  • Bar feeder
  • Bar feeder control interface
  • Oil mist collector
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Leveling tooling furret (12 positions)
  • Servo turret (8-12 positions)
  • Soft jaw x1 Set/Hard jaw x1 Set
  • Auto door
  • External joint foot switch
  • Start and stop the emergency switch