Slant Bed CNC Lathe

Unlock a new era of precision machining with OWNNER's slant bed CNC lathe, specifically crafted to meet the demands of your industry. Equipped with a multi-station turret or live tooling, this automatic machine tool guarantees heightened precision, impressive speed, and unparalleled accuracy, making it the optimal choice for your manufacturing needs. WNNER's CNC slant bed lathe is your go-to solution for crafting small to medium-sized parts, whether in prototype or series production. Industries such as aerospace and automotive find this machine particularly suitable for machining linear cylinders, slant cylinders, circular arcs, and various intricate medium-sized components like threads and grooves.

Our CNC slant bed lathes which the efficient chip removal system not only ensures smooth operation but also minimizes wear and tear on crucial machine components. This results in an extended life for your machine, optimizing your ROI. In conclusion, for industries seeking precision, efficiency, and extended machine life, OWNNER's slant bed CNC lathe is the ultimate choice. Welcome to contact us for any help!


  1. 45° slant bed construction provides solid support and provides convenience in chip removing
  2. Optional servo turret or power turret
  3. Applications: (1) precision parts (2) mechanical parts (3) hardware parts (4) hand tools (5) medical parts (6) clock & watch parts (7) optical parts (8) auto parts (9) bathroom parts (10) bike accessory